A message from the board

On behalf of the Board, I would like, on this pleasant event that is the start of the new school year, to welcome with joy all the old and new students who chose to study at our school.

On September 15th our School will celebrate the start of its fifth academic year, and for that occasion it will open its doors at the new address of 7, Val Ste Croix in Luxembourg-Belair.

In those recent months we have been fully committed into the processes of the acquisition and the restructuring of our new building.

After the acquisition and transformation of our new building, “Over The Rainbow School” will stand among the most modern international bilingual (English and French) schools of our City, structured and adapted according to the latest architectural and pedagogical concepts and thus ready to accommodate a maximum number 270 students of different nationalities.

Our main goal is to provide our students with a full educational path lasting the whole span of their studies, offering them the opportunity to grow and learn while staying in the very same school throughout their whole course of study from kindergarten until Baccalaureate.

Our mission expects us to ease our students’ physical and psychological development in a contemporary setting, aimed towards the future in terms of educational methodologies and technical supports, while still keeping the main focus on the essential values standing as well today as in the future.

As a result, the school decided to welcome a limited number of students in order to allow us to perform a better monitoring on all of our activities and to ease the relations between those same students and within students and teachers.

I can assure you already, in this sense, the deepest commitment of the Board, the management and of all the Teaching body of our school.

The task that awaits us will reach the best possible results if the parents will want to share with us the same principles and the same philosophy of our school.

The Chairman