Extracurricular Activities

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Children will have the opportunity to use their mother tongue in the School context. They will use their languages through practical activities; they will enjoy listening to stories and will participate in a huge plethora of activities.

“The Italian laboratory”

The Italian laboratory in our school, founded with the aim of promoting educational activities in language through a playful approach, in which each child reflects and works in a participatory perspective, using multiple mode, while having fun!


1.        Allow the children to learn, practice and improve their mother tongue, in a small group;

2.        To stimulate their language skills through activities aimed at maintaining the language, such as:

  • reading and listening  to texts in Italian provided by our library;
  • invention and reproduction  of illustrated tales invented by children;
  • vision  of cartoon / movie in the mother tongue;
  • teaching cards, etc ..

3.        Make learning situations fully inclusive, useful to actually use the knowledge, skills and thinking in

meaningful tasks and motivating for all children.

Days and hours  : Wednesday and / or Thursday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Number of students  : Max 10