Our bilingual School offers two language classes: English and French. Pre-school classes are made up of children aged 3 to 5 years.

One class for child 3 years and one for childs 4 to 5.

Various media and materials (storytelling, reading or listening, etc.) are used to test a child’s understanding in different situations.

Classroom materials provide children with means to enhance their vocabulary. Language at the pre-school level is the first step for reading and writing. Children can take books from the shelves, learn how to properly turn the pages and listen to stories in the library corner. This space incites the children to learn to love books and creates interest into reading.

Biology at the pre-school level primarily consists in exposing children to nature and the world around them. Children’s curiosity is stimulated by a “nature” table on which different elements are displayed. These elements may be brought by the children themselves. Children can freely observe, handle, look at the objects though a magnifying glass, etc. The teacher also uses these objects for group discussions. Each classroom has a plant. The children are encouraged to take care of it by watering it, dusting its leaves, etc.

Every days Children are implicated in spatial orientation on a regular basis: finding things in the classroom, putting things back where they belong, correctly placing things in a situational activity. They acquire various notions for instance back/front, top/bottom, above/below, high/low, etc.

Children are asked to separate and categorize objects, recreate logical sequences, for example, place pictures of a story in the right order, or continue a sequence of symbols.

Children learn geometric shapes. Solid shapes are categorized using Maria Montessori’s geometric cabinet which sorts geometric shapes according to size and/or shape.

An art teacher teach weekly art activities.

Sports at the pre-school level help children to further discover their bodies, develop their motor

skills, learn to follow instructions and to respect others. Swimming sessions provide a different

element in which to move about.

A music teacher will hold his course once a week.