The Over the Rainbow International School is a private establishment and adheres to the objectives set out in the Luxembourg National Education Program published by the Ministry of National Education. Our establishment welcomes children from kindergarten to secondary in a multilingual context. The pre-school and primary cycles are an inherent part of the school system and are aimed at the development of each of our students.

A stable and reassuring environment is essential to be able to take full advantage of a favorable learning environment. Children enrolled in our school are fostered by quality education and interaction with other children, while providing them with self-confidence and well-being. We believe that a warm and friendly environment is essential for the development of the children in our care. Our priority is to help them learn and develop their autonomy while encouraging them to live their childhood at the highest level.

For the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we estimate the number of students at about 200 students with  classes of the secondary cycle G6 to G9