2021-2022 school year

OTR Academy regroups all sorts of activities and courses that will help our students develop skills that go beyond the pure curricular ones.

Monday -Thursday 3.30 – 4.30 pm; Friday 2.30 – 3.30 pm


Thanks to this activity our sports team will help the students to feel part of a team, to train together, to have fun while exercising and learning volleyball techniques and strategies.


The students will use Adobe Photoshop to create unique and original artworks. Discovering the many tools and options included in the software, they will study photo editing, illustration, coloring, collages and different kinds of graphic design works (invitations, cards, posters…) for both web and print use. Students will also learn to use graphic tablets to improve their designs.
A class that will help the students to channel their inner chef! The kids will learn how to make entire recipes on their own with confidence and fun!

Express yourself

In living colors
Students will have fun discovering different mediums such as drawing and painting. The objective of this activity is to introduce students to colors and textures with techniques whose mastery is in accordance with their age.
For all volunteer students wishing to sing together around the same project: vocal practice and technique, song learning, vocal games, vocal warm-ups, polyphony work, for one or more shows during the year! This work revolves around a varied repertoire, polyphonic work, step-by-step learning… The songs chosen are taken from the French or international repertoire; they are sung with one or more voices, which requires rigor and discipline from each. Discipline in vocal work, listening to oneself and to the group. Above all, enthusiasm, the pleasure of wanting to sing together. Coming to the choir is therefore finding time to have fun while singing!.
For all beginners or experienced musicians, students of all levels, all instruments, participation in individual or group projects, for the pleasure of playing, of practicing an instrument alone or in a group! Meetings with works from a varied repertoire, artists, students’ appropriation of knowledge. Repertoire created according to the experience of each of the students, allowing them to play from the beginning of the lessons in orchestral training, while learning in parallel the reading of music and the instrumental technique. The students progress concretely and quickly reach a musical level of quality. These results are rewarding and help give young people more self-confidence, with a view to one or more concerts during the year.


Chess – Cercle d’Echec “Philidor”
A chess class that will teach the beginners the basics of the game and will help the intermediate ones to improve their technical skills. The focus will be on learning while having fun! Chess origins go back more than 2000 years. Even if your child does not know this game or if he/she has only notions and is motivated to get involved in this fascinating brain sport, do not hesitate to register him/her!
At the Newspaper Club, we want to start developing the necessary skills related to journalism, photography, publishing, and teamwork. In this club, the students, with the assistance of the teacher, are responsible for creating the sections that they consider important for the rest of the educational community and developing the content. Students will also acquire the responsibility of publishing it on the proposed deadline.

Weekly schedule for 2021-2022 school year:

Do you wish to enroll or to have more information ? Write to afternoon@otrschool.lu !