First Aid 
The first aid is given by the nurse, in the infirmary. If the school (nurse and / or teacher) considers that the child is not fit to stay in class, the parents or any other authorized person are informed. 

Management of health problems 
Before the beginning of the school year and during the school year, parents are required to report to the School Directors any information related to the health of their child: parents have the responsibility to provide treatment and medications as well as the emergency protocol for children who require special medical supervision (allergies, intolerances, skin reactions etc.). The school does not provide medication. 


Medications will be given to children only if they are accompanied by a medical prescription. 
For medicines to be properly administered to children, parents are asked to provide the specific medical prescription and to hand over the medicine to the nurse. 

If a child presents an infectious risk, the child can only be admitted under the condition that the parents submit a medical certificate which guarantees that the child is fit to return to school. 
Parents are required to notify the school  of any change in the professional and / or private telephone number and, if applicable, the contact details of one or more persons to contact in the event of the parents’ absence. The administration of medication can be done only on the basis of a medical prescription. It must contain a start date and a due date. 

Serious accident 
In the event of a serious accident, the students will be sent directly to the hospital accompanied by a staff member, who will remain with the student until the arrival of the parents. Parents will be immediately notified by phone. 
Within 3 days, the parents will have to complete and return to the nurse the form for the accident report. 

Health at school 
For children suffering from chronic illness, allergy or any health problem requiring support an Individualized Reception Project (IRP) will be established to facilitate the reception of the student. 

The purpose of the Individualized Reception Project (IRP) cannot replace the responsibility of their family. The IRP will be established at a meeting between the school nurse and the parents, at the beginning of the school year, and on the basis of a protocol developed by the family physician. The validity of the IAP is one school year. 

Health prevention 
Children who are already sick at school will not be accepted to avoid spread of disease or epidemics. 

Health workshops 
Workshops on health education are offered by the school nurse. 
The themes are determined by the needs and age of the students. 

School medical visit 
Once a year, a compulsory medical visit is organized by the team of the School Medical League within the school in the presence of the nurse. 

General Information COVID-19

Un élève ne pourra pas se présenter à l’école et devra rester à domicile s’il présente :

  • un symptôme évocateur du COVID-19 : fièvre ,toux, difficultés respiratoires, douleur thoracique, perte de gout ou de l’odorat .
  • deux symptômes aspécifiques du COVID-19 : Fatigue, douleurs musculaires, rhinite, maux de gorge, perte d’appétit, maux de tête, diarrhée.

A student will not be able to attend school and will have to stay at home if :

  • a symptom suggestive of COVID-19: fever, cough, breathing difficulties, chest pain, loss of taste or smell.
  • two non-specific symptoms of COVID-19: Fatigue, muscle aches, rhinitis, sore throat, loss of appetite, headache, diarrhea.

All questions, call the Helpline COVID-19 tel : 247 655 33

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